Why I Publish My Family History

Why I Publish My Family History

This site allows me to share photos, documents, and stories with my family and others, and I wanted to share why it is important to me to share in an environment that is free and accessible.

myself, my maternal grandma Pauline, my brother Cameron, sister Meaghan, and grandpa William McCallum, circa 1985

First: it’s not just MY family history. It is a shared history, with my siblings, cousins, and extended family members. Having our family stories on a website allows members of my family to log in whenever they want and see stories and pictures. I hope that at least one of them will find these stories of interest. I have a lot of family members, many who are interested in family history, and swapping stories, photos, and information gives everyone a better view of our family.

Eby children
The Eby family: Luella, Gerald (my grandpa), Ruth, Gene, Zelma, and Dee.

Second: to find new family members. One has already reached out to me! It’s incredible to hear from someone you didn’t even know existed, and gain family insight from them. I hope that putting the names of my ancestors out into the world will lead someone to me.

Hermann Borchert and his family
Back row: Barbara Gall, Pauline McCallum with son Peter (my grandma and uncle), Ida Borchert, unknown. Front row: Bobbie Gall, Hermann Borchert, and I think George Borchert with daughter Jean.

Third: to work through issues in my own research. Examining my family tree in a different way has uncovered gaps in my research and other issues. Turning records into a written work help to highlight issues, and in my case, tends to raise more questions!

Jennie Ishmael with her siblings and parents
Jennie Ishmael (on the left), with her siblings and parents.

Fourth: I want to inspire others. Your own stories may not seem important, but they are. I hope at least one person will read something on here and begin their own family history journey. I know it isn’t for everyone, but someone might begin a small step in recording their own story.

Wedding Photo to Pauline Gall
My maternal grandparents William and Pauline McCallum on their wedding day.

And finally, I love sharing the stories and what I am working on! I hope people enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

I want to know, why or why not do you publicly share your family history?

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  1. Great post! I like your list of reasons and the photographs. That one with the Ishmael sisters and their identical hairstyles is fabulous!

    I post family history to educate and entertain. I think people dismiss the past as irrelevant, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without all that came before.

    I also have hopes of finding others who are related whom I don’t know (this has also happened once for me).

    My third reason is to improve my writing skills. I have been doing a family newsletter for about 5 or 6 years, but a blog requires more effort and discipline.

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