St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Growing up I didn’t really pay much attention to St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t know of any Irish ancestors. Green is not my color. It was a holiday I just didn’t connect with.

Little did I know, I am Irish on my mom’s side of the family! My 3x great-grandparents James and Catherine Moore immigrated to Canada from Ireland. They settled in Ontario where they raised five children.

It was their granddaughter Etta who would them immigrate to the United States.

Etta Moore McCallum
Etta Moore McCallum, circa 1908.

I still don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day per say, but I am proud of my Irish ancestors! Without researching my family history, I never would have known about my connection to Ireland, one of the reasons researching my family is important to me.

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