52 Ancestors: Non-Population


This weeks prompt is non-population so I would like to share the story of my 3x great-grandfather, George Harvey Dyer, who is listed on the 1890 Veterans Schedule.

George Dyer was born in Arkansas on 10 March 1846. During the Civil War, George enlisted in the Confederate army and on 4 July 1863, was captured in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

dyer pow
George H. Dyer listed on a Roll of Prisoners of War Captured.

He shared his memories in a 1932 letter to his granddaughter, LaVelle Sanford:

dyer reble army
Excerpt of a 1932 letter from George Harvey Dyer to his granddaughter, LaVelle Sanford.

George then enlisted with the Union troops, serving until 20 August 1865.

dyer union
George Harvey Dyer Union military records, showing his enlistment in the army for the north.
GH Dyer, Cavalry
George Harvey Dyer in his Union uniform.

After the war, George married and had six children. Sometime between 1888 and 1890 the family moved to Oregon. His son Harvey was born in Kansas in March 1888, and then George is listed on the 1890 Veterans Schedule, now living in Salem, Oregon.

1890 Veterans Schedule, listing Geo. H. Dyer.

By 1918, George is living in Los Angeles, California at a home for disabled soldiers.

1918 wounded soliders dyer
George Dyer’s entry in a home for disabled soldiers, 1918.

By 1930, George had returned to Oregon, living in an old soldiers home in Roseburg.

old soldiers home
Old Soldiers Home in Roseburg, Oregon. George Dyer is on the right.

George died on 23 December 1932 in Roseburg at the age of 86.

George Harvey Dyer
George Harvey Dyer.

Thanks to George’s service, I was able to track his movements through the 1890 veterans schedule and his stays in veterans homes. He traveled quite a bit during his life, and having these records allows for a better understanding of what happened to him.

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