52 Ancestors: Maiden Aunt


This was another tough one for me. I debated telling one family story, but instead decided to take this prompt in a different way. Let me tell you a little about my maternal grandpa’s aunt, Minnie Moore.

When I say little, I mean it. We know very little about her. However, she was always a presence in our home. A portrait of her hung in the stairwell of our home, so every time you went down the stairs she greeted you. Obviously she was important to my great-grandma; she had this portrait of her and passed it down.

Portrait of Minnie Moore.

Minnie was born 15 November 1876 in Perth, Ontario, Canada, the second daughter of Alexander and Catherine Moore. She was two years younger than my great-grandma Etta. In 1882, their brother Lawrence joined the family, and in 1884 their brother James was born, but died shortly after. The next month, Catherine died.

Alexander remarried two years later, and they had eight more children.

Minnie’s trail, however, has gone cold. Last week I found her on Find A Grave, buried in the same town she was born. She died in 1914.

The glass on the frame broke, and the portrait has sustained a little damage, but is still in good condition.

I wish I knew more about her. I do not know if she was maiden or married, or anything about her life. But I know of her face, thanks to the portrait. I will continue to search for more records on her, in order to tell her story.

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