52 Ancestors: First

It’s another year of 52 Ancestors! Last year I learned so much from this exercise and I am excited about the upcoming prompts.

This weeks prompt is First, which gives me the chance to follow up on a post from last year, Thankful. When relaying to my mom the content of my post, I was able to learn how my parents met. It was something I did not previously know or even occurred to ask. So for this week, I would like to share how my parents and both sets of grandparents met.


My parents Richard and Margaret Eby on their wedding day, October 19, 1978.


My parents met at their first day at Lewis and Clark College in 1967. They met at a dance put on by the school to allow students to get to know one another. My mom remarked how if it wasn’t for that dance, they may have never met, as they did not share a major or a single class. They were married for 28 years until my dad died in 2007.


My paternal grandparents Gerald and Veva Eby on their wedding day, May 10, 1947.

My paternal grandparents met in the diner my grandma waited tables at. They both lived in Salem post-war, and my grandpa would eat at the diner. My grandma was going through a divorce at the time. They were married for 25 years until my grandpa’s death in 1973.


Wedding Photo to Pauline Gall
My maternal grandparents William and Pauline McCallum on their wedding day, August 29, 1937.

My maternal grandparents also met at a dance. My grandpa was in the Merchant Marines and was docked in San Diego when he met my grandma. My grandma lived in the city, but my grandpa lived in Sumner, Washington, so it was a chance meeting! They married in the backyard of my grandma’s friend and were married for 49 years until my grandpa’s death in 1987.

I am excited about the year to come! If you want to join, head on over to Amy Johnson Crow’s site to sign up! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to both share and further research your family history.

Until next time,