52 Ancestors: Favorite Photo

dazzle-2Oh man, I thought this was an easy one: favorite photo. I am sure everyone has one. I thought I knew the one I wanted to post, but the more I thought about it, I wanted to post more than one. I ended up choosing three: one I find funny, one I find “real,” and one that I always remember being displayed in our home growing up.

The funny one:

Myrtle and Chester Crowe, 1938

Myrtle and Chester Crowe, 1938.

These are my great-grandparents, Myrtle and Chester Crowe. On the beach. In full dress. You can see their shadows, so it was sunny. I assume they were in Oregon, and the beach here is typically windy, but I still wonder what the reason was for being so nicely dressed at the beach. Plus, the pipe is a nice touch.

The “real” one (for lack of a better description):

Eby children

Six Eby children: Luella, Gerald (my grandfather), Ruth, Gene, Zelma, and Dee.

My grandfather Gerald was the second youngest of seven. The only sibling not pictured here is the oldest, Helen. I love this picture because it isn’t perfect. Not everyone is looking at the camera, it isn’t serious, they aren’t trying to look perfect. Plus Ruth, with the bottle and cigarette, looks like she is having a lot of fun.

I never knew my grandpa, but I do have memories of both Zelma and Luella, who both passed over the last few years.

The one I remember:


Me, with my dad Richard and sister Meaghan, 1984.

Growing up, this photo sat on my mom’s china cabinet in the dining room. I always remember it in this frame. My mom would later tell me that this frame was once pink, but had faded and turned yellow. Even though it was always out, it reminds me a lot of the holidays, because that was usually the only time we went into the dining room.

What makes a favorite photo for you? Is it tied to a memory, or something else?

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