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Every Memorial Day weekend I would make a trip with my paternal Grandma to the cemetery where my grandpa and her parents were buried. We would leave flowers (always pansies for my great-grandma Myrtle). I have been there so many times I know exactly where the cemetery is, and where they are buried. I could probably find the cemetery where my maternal grandparents are buried in Washington, and I know they are in the mausoleum.

Cemetery visits were always common for our family when on vacation, so when my mom and I went to San Diego three years ago we spent a few hours with my mom’s cousin visiting cemetery’s. We had visited a couple of the sites when I was a kid, but the pictures I had were dark and I had a hard time reading the information on the gravestones.

A better shot of my great-great-grandparents headstone in Mount Hope Cemetery, my main cemetery goal when visiting San Diego. (And I do have one sans flowers, since they block Herman’s month of death.)

On our trip we did some genealogy, so I had a notepad and a file to make notes and keep everything together. There was only one cemetery where I had to look up a location, because my mom’s cousin was able to lead us to the rest.

I am a visual person, so not only did I take direct shots of the headstones, but I also took photos of identifying information, like a tree or building nearby, so I would have a reference point.

A larger monument in the background of my great-grandparents gravesite.
The headstone of my great-grandparents, buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego.

Sometimes the gravesites didn’t have a notable landmark nearby, but I took distance shots. One such instance was at the grave of my great-grandma’s sister, at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego. The cemetery was split, so only one side overlooked the ocean, so I got that in the background.

The gravesite of Pauline Borchert Coombs, which overlooks the Pacific.

Visiting cemeteries may not be fun for everyone, but they can be a wealth of information!

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